CA.Deepa Varghese


Dear Budding Talents!

The month “marched” past much quicker than we expected ushering in April. Life has become even more hectic. If the months of February and March saw elections and changes at all helms of our institute and its branches, the coming months will see elections and changes in the Apex body of democratic India. May the interest of the country stand above everything else and peace prevail.

SICASA Ernakulam branch had a very active March. From exploring new horizons of education, enjoying the breath-taking beauty of Mangalvan to spreading smiles and warmth of love to the deprived destitute at the Government Hospital of Ernakulam, the branch members did their best in the hot month.

The Bank Audit seminar prepared the students to support the Members in undertaking the bank audits in an effective and time-bound manner. The various study circles conducted also made the students more aware of the recent changes in compliances.

The aesthetic sense of the students was brought out through the painting and drawing competition held at Mangalvan woods, the writing competition “Samyaktva”.  

As the new financial year commences, lets look at the 4 Es we should concentrate on in the field of Education in the year to come

  1. EExpansion – to widen our horizon of knowledge

  2. EEquity – reach out to the unreached

  3. EExcellence – to be of excellent quality in whatever we do

  4. EEmployability – to be educated enough to be employable

Various studies have shown that India in 2020 will have the highest number of people (160 million) in the age group 20-24 years in the entire world. This would help India achieve more than what most countries can in the coming years. SICASA is definitely a representation of that group. Have that Extra Eye, Extra Ear and Extra Heart as you conquer the world!

CA.Deepa Varghese
SICASA Chairperson

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