CA. Salim A


Dear Students,

I am immensely delighted to communicate with you as another month has waved farewell. I hope all are at the peak of excitement as we are back at the office taking our files and data. The days of lockdown made it clear that our profession is not restricted within the walls of the office and business premises.

Though we were in the comforts of our home, our students were fully engaged with manifold activities. The one who was so enthusiastic and creative was the RJ Hunt. This program received India wide appreciation and participation. The words received from CA Jay Chaira, the BOS Chairman CA Babu Abraham Kallivayalil, the Central Council Member and other dignitaries, made us ace towards even higher heights. The SICASA branches of Kollam, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, and Palakkad were great supportive hands throughout the journey of the event. Adjacent to the RJ hunt event, we had also launched the Turncoat Event which was a Group Discussion completion. It was a huge landmark in the SICASA programs. The winners were filtered out and the award ceremony will be organized in the coming days.

Moreover, we had observed World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2021. On this day, our students were firm enough to conduct a bunch of activities. Our students came up with the remarkable idea of finding a sum of money sufficient to purchase tree saplings to be planted in the surroundings. Above all the aforementioned events and competitions, we had conducted various academic workshops keeping in view that the Exams shall create a great learning experience tying with the co-curricular activities. The workshops were revolving around both the CA Intermediate and CA final syllabus. d a little bit of body text

Besides our syllabus, we had sessions for making our students courageous enough to cope with their fear of exams. Several sessions conducted could also teach the students to create smart plans and study schedules for their upcoming examinations. The renowned speakers and faculties like CA. Pavan Kumar, CA. Amal Paul, CA. Cheriyan, CA. Soman, CA. Sreelekshmi, CA. Ravinath Pai and many more guided our students in a conspicuous way.

We were also fascinated by Yoga Day which was observed on the 21st of June 2021. Our students were seen to practice yoga and assured that they will make yoga one of their daily chores. Yoga is a recognized medical system that ensures mental and physical fitness. As Indians, we shall be proud to have such a great way of treatment, developed by inculcating the Indian way of life. Throughout the month, the events which were launched turned out to be a great success with huge participation from all over the nation. At the same time, the compliance requirements of the Income-tax Act, Companies Act, Goods and Service Tax and others faced with extension, which created great relief in the professionals as well as students. However, it is not the time to sit and relax, but to strive towards efficiency.

Now that the exams are fast approaching, the students are expected to be working prominently for their exams. It is always advised that you may stick substantially with the BOS Initiatives and are expected to pass out with flying colours. May the last month provide you with the inputs ad support to overcome your academic as well as your career needs.


Wishing you all the very best for your coming endeavours.


CA. Salim A

Chairman SICASA

Ernakulam Branch of SIRC of ICAI

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